Best astrologer has not created your destiny, so he cannot change it.

We provide free of cost remedial Guidance and have modern AI Based tools are designed to calculate and interpret astrological charts, provide horoscope readings, and offer various astrological analysis features.

“Problems in life can be solved with the power of knowledge.

The Vedas say that a person's karma is directly related to the position of the planets and stars, and thus astrology is the method of understanding one's karma by analyzing these positions

What is the Article 51ah? Fundamental duty of Indian citizen

Article 51A (h) of the Indian Constitution makes it a fundamental duty for Indian citizens to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.
The scientific reform, as well as the spirit of inquiry and reform, gives access to a humble, open-minded temper which always seems to be willing to welcome fresh light, new information, new tests, even when these conclusions seem unpleasant to previous ideas as well as long-cherished notions,” according to a wide definition of scientific temper.
The scientific temper, as well as the spirit of inquiry, are focused on eliminating barriers, preconceived beliefs of history, and including putting everything to the test of logic as well as the reason rather than believing they said theory based solely on the fact that it is said by or with authorities or power.
This is bolstered by a section of Article 51-A, which imposes various duties on every citizen “to strive to improve in all sectors of personal and collective behaviour so that the whole country advances and strives to achieve success continuously.”

Professional Qualifications and Certification: B.Tech & PGDM

Certified in Quantum Astrology  (CTAA-Accredited)

Diploma In Modern Applied Psychology (Dimap.)
The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Via Udemy)

Advanced Level Psychology
Accredited By The International Association Of Therapists (IAOTH)

Certified in Fundamentals Of Parapsychology
(Recognized By CPD Accreditation, Uk)

Journalism in Digital Age from Alison University, UK

Certificate on Cyber Law

Certificates on Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

Certified By: Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Govt. of India

Member Aditya Bahihi (West Bengal Branch, Puri Govardhan Math)

Executive Body Member  Adi Guru Shankaracharya Temple

Consultant (Information Technology) at  Swapnasuryadip Edu Research Foundation

Special Correspondence Ekhon Diganta Patrika News Paper

Consultant and PR Manager at Bengal Charitable Trust

Business Development and Consultant in Desire Technologies International Ltd


Ex Student Counsellor  at DSMS Group of Institution and Other Colleges

Ex journalist Human Rights Newspapers

Gurus are dispellers of darkness

All I can say is Thank You for being with me.  It was a very kind gesture that you sent best wishes to note through this beautiful card. I am really honored that you went out of your way to express your care for me. Thank You!!

Best Astrologer in Kolkata & Best Astrologer in India

It’s unfortunate that some people may take advantage of others by claiming to be best astrologer in Kolkata or best astrologer in India but engaging in fraudulent practices. Fraudulent astrologers may make false promises, provide vague or general information, or use cold reading techniques to appear as if they have unique insights into someone’s life.

If you’re seeking astrological advice or readings, it’s essential to be cautious and do your research. Here are some tips to help you avoid falling victim to a fraudulent astrologer:

  1. Research the astrologer: Look for reviews, testimonials, and credentials. Legitimate astrologers often have a background in astrology and can provide references.
  2. Avoid overly generalized or ambiguous readings: Genuine astrologers will offer specific insights and predictions based on your birth chart, rather than vague statements that could apply to anyone.
  3. Be cautious of claims of guaranteed outcomes: No astrologer can guarantee specific results or outcomes in your life. Avoid those who make unrealistic promises.
  4. Ask specific questions: A reputable astrologer will be comfortable answering direct questions about their methods, background, and experience.
  5. Trust your instincts: If something feels off or too good to be true, it’s best to seek advice from a different source.
  6. Don’t share sensitive information: Be cautious about providing personal information, especially financial or sensitive details, to any astrologer until you are sure of their legitimacy.
  7. Seek recommendations from trusted sources: If you have friends or family who have had positive experiences with an astrologer, it can be helpful to get recommendations from them.

Remember that Spirituality and astrology is not a scientifically proven practice, and not all astrologers claim to have psychic abilities. Your future depends on Your Karma – the sum of a person’s good and bad actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as affecting their future.

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