Ancient societies’ veneration of gemstones

European culture

Numerous “first-class” nobilities and inhabitants of Rome carried talismans or amulets composed of crystals or diamonds as protection. They stood for affluence at the time. Additionally, they were employed to entice good health, fortune, and prosperity as well as favourable outcomes in conflicts.

Asian Culture

Even today, Chinese traditional medicine uses healing crystals and gemstones. For instance, acupuncture uses needles with crystal tips.

Old Egyptian Culture

We are all in wonder of the otherworldly idea of old Egypt. Did you realize Egyptians cherished and utilized precious stones much of the time and frequently formally? They utilized precious stones/gemstones while covering the dead. They accepted that the fiery force of the jewels could help the dead track down their direction into eternity. Pharaohs and clerics used to fill chambers with quartz to adjust the Ba and Ka energies of the departed body.

Female royals like Cleopatra wore Lapis Lazuli gemstones to bring edification and mindfulness. Rubies were worn by artists on their paunches since they were accepted to exemplify sexuality.

    Old Greek Culture

The word precious stone, a different way to say gemstone, comes from the Greek word 'krustallos,' importance ice. Old Greeks, alongside numerous other antiquated societies, accepted that reasonable gemstones were timeless ice from the sky.

Prior to entering fights, officers used to rub squashed hematite on their bodies, accepting it made them strong. Indeed, even amethyst has a spot in Greek Folklore.

    Indian Culture

India has done the most examined research on gemstones and utilized them directed by legitimate review. Vedas included normal gemstones as fundamental instruments for mending rehearses. The favorable diamonds were likewise utilized in profound ceremonies, purifying, and ayurvedic medication, aside from space science, which is now referenced.

Antiquated Indians comprehended how to utilize pearls to recuperate profound injuries and improve great emotional well-being. The Kalpa tree or Kalpavriksha is the Hindu portrayal of the tree of life, it was accepted to be made totally from gemstones.

No other culture has allegedly involved diamonds as broadly and characteristically as Indians.

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