Predicts Marriage

Predicts love marriage or organized marriage.
The first house is characteristic of character and the seventh house is demonstrative of one’s soul mate. In the event that
the ruler of first and the seventh house are sitting in one another’s homes, it is a decent significator of
love marriage.

The fifth house additionally demonstrates love. If Shukra (Venus) and Buddh (Mercury) are in the fifth house,
in the event that ruler of the fifth house is additionally in seventh house as well as the other way around, it again demonstrates solid possibilities of
love marriage in any case not!
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Predicts in the event that there would be a subsequent marriage
Here and there, it is feasible for an individual to remarry. The ascendant or first house uncovers nature of
one’s character, the second house shows life span of companion and nature of day to day life. The seventh
house and its ruler uncovers on the off chance that there would be any claims connected with marriage, and ninth house is
significator of second marriage.
Different mixes of the above factors, alongside seventh house falling into double signs and
malefic impacts are a portion of the finishes paperwork for a remarriage.

Predicts area after marriage
Among different elements, presence of explicit rashis in the seventh house show whether one will
get away from one’s local, stay near family or move to another country and settle there.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in seventh house, demonstrate shift to another city after marriage. Moon, Venus and Jupiter in seventh house, demonstrate marriage into a family near origination
On the off chance that ruler of seventh house has moved to some other house, for example, eighth or sixth, then engagement proposition from abroad and settlement abroad is conceivable

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